Let's Prehend
A Manual of Human Ecology and Culture Design

Let's make a new philosophy, then take it all the way!

This simple theory offers two charts for the analysis of complex systems. The scheme is applied to psychology, sociology, politics, ideology, economics, culture, education and religion. Lively and humorous sections elaborate on the thesis and invite further concern and participation.

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Notes on the current crisis:
"What do we care for future generations? What have they done for us?"
—Marx (Groucho)

If humanity is to prosper, or just survive, sustainable cultures are essential. But common media attends mostly to financial matters, with token attention to energy, health care, education and the many other problems humanity faces today. To our unexpected good fortune, the President and his administration are able to address the deeper issues, not just the economic crisis, but also the deterioration of our supporting natural ecosystem, and most importantly, our human ecology. It just so happens that attention to the human and natural ecology also heals most of the economic problems.

This is the best of all possible worlds, explained in [RECESSION].
"Don't let a crisis go to waste." [CRISIS = OPPORTUNITY].
To review the crisis, consider [MELTDOWN].
Major changes ahead explained in [RECESSION].
How to solve the real estate crisis is suggested in [HOMES].
Solutions for the education crisis is offered in [GARDENS].
Reform of the world economy in [WORLD'S PEOPLE].
For a human ecology view of cultural crisis, consider [HOW].

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