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A Manual of Human Ecology and Culture Design

ADAM & EVE, Origin of consciousness

Consider the ancient story of Adam and Eve is an allegory of the origin of human consciousness. Scientists speculate that most animals are conscious, a scanning process in the primitive parts of the brain. But human consciousness is different.

Keep in mind that this elegant allegory was refined through long oral tradition before it was written millennia ago. We might mention that science is allegory.

The story goes that Eve was created from Adam's rib. Well, not the rib exactly, some other long stiff thing inappropriate to specify in common parlance. Be that as it may, Eve got made. In ancient times, before color TV, Eve spent the long evenings talking to the one eyed serpent. As she evolved language, she wanted to speak to a barely conscious Adam.

As you know, primate females do not have orgasms. Please consider this process as the climax of evolution and the origin of human consciousness. That this elegant and obvious allegory should be stained and degraded by the compulsive literalism of Western Rationalism and Idealism testifies to the ideological pathologies and intellectual degradation of recent centuries and millennia.

Males are different. Their brains are, out of necessity, depleted of nurturing blood during this process. Eve tried to share this apple of experience with Adam so that she could share consciousness on her level, over the breakfast table. It was a great gift and almost succeed, but to this day men lack this exalted level of consciousness. Let's admit it.

The machinery is basic. One recent study showed that prenatal testosterone inhibits the growth of the language area of the fetus brain. All the better to produce hunters and warriors.

Hence, companionship between man and woman is a hit and miss affair. Healthy happy human living depends not on just a nuclear family but on an elaborate network of organic social life. Anthropologists make this obvious in current and historical world. For millions of years human intelligence evolved in this nurturing supportive organic social life, extremely complex and varied though it is. Only with the onset of Abstract Social Life, ASL, has the support mechanisms of healthy living been replaced by our psychotic profit system that denies these essential human values.

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