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A Manual of Human Ecology and Culture Design


Suicide is the ultimate triumph of the will - triumph of the ego over the body, of mind over matter - the paramount pout. Statistics indicated that the rate of suicide is high and rising throughout global modern abstract culture, BigMAC. The statistics do not count accidental deaths that have a large suicidal component - from a psychoanalytical point of view. Suicide is especially tragic among youth. It is often blended with homicide.

It is a worthwhile exploration to consider people and culture by what they do, not just by what they say they think. The objectivist view must be psychoanalytical - not denying consciousness, intent, and responsibility, but explaining behavior.

There is a great subconscious life and culture, that form and support the systems of conscious life and culture. Individual subconscious is more than a mere memory image of forgotten trauma, compulsions, or scripts. It is the underlying structure of reality and mind that supports our great gift of consciousness. Similarly, the great subconscious culture is the vast mechanism that supports conscious culture. Beyond the individual drive toward suicide, and inseparable from it, is the cultural compulsion toward suicide.

Manifestations of this drive include: the military system, with its operational purpose (unconscious, but operative) to promote the rapid elimination of all life on earth; the economic system, with its purpose to degrade the society and the ecosystem to make human life increasingly difficult and ultimately impossible; and the compulsion to the abstract life, CAL, with its purpose to support the other two by degrading the value, Ei, and health, Ai, of human life and culture.

The general term `omnicide' refers to the `killing-all': the self, the other, the society, and the ecosystem. For example, each person each day contributes more or less to the construction and sustenance of a military system whose deeper purpose is the destruction of all life on earth. Yet each individual ICEr, even knowing this, can do little to reverse or stop the process, or even to slow it down. It's individual and mass insanity - omnicidal mania.

The psychological burden of admitting that one contributes to the culture of omnicide, COO, needs to be dealt with. Guilt is a self-indulgent and irresponsible reaction, after its first few moments. Terror is also of little use, appropriate though it may seem. These negative emotions are mental mechanisms which function to prevent looking at the problem, and staying aware enough to be able to contribute an alleviation, should the opportunity arise. They are the tertiary emotions, p.58. People deserve support and comfort, not POP, no matter how omnicidal.

COO is not merely a morose fantasy; it is an objective description of what is going on. The military system makes the point most directly. At present, nuclear weapons are being produced and deployed by the great powers, a half dozen lesser powers and dozens of other nations and groups. The military strategists have decided they need enough bombs not just to destroy every military installation, city, and town, but to leave it as a radioactive wasteland forever, not because they are so malicious but because they are ICEd CGMs just doing their job, harkening to the military-industrial lobbyists.

So called conventional weapons are also equal to the task of omnicide, especially the chemical weapons, supported by the real estate lobby, and the biological weapons, which are potent but deviously deniable. Nor is there any technical prospect of significant defense. The strategy of deterrence obscures the Keynsian role as economic lubricant. A secondary function of these weapons is to keep the free world free, while the First World continues and extends its control of the Third World.

If a war should break out in such a way that the threshold of nuclear war is crossed, it stands to reason that a limited exchange does not make tactical sense, unless everyone agrees ahead of time to choreograph a theatrical mini-holocaust, as in the movie *FAILSAFE. According to the longstanding policy of Mutually Assured Destruction, MAD, total nuclear war makes *Clauswitzian strategic and tactical sense. It is the essence of omnicide.

The economic system is similarly omnicidal, whether called capitalist or socialist or feudal. Fortunately, ecocide is slower than modern warfare's humanicide, but it may be just as inexorable. The consumption of fossil fuels could be stopped in just a few years and the entire economic system be made ecologically healthy and eternally sustaining, according to reputable ecologists such as Amory *Lovins. The quality of life of all the world's people, rich and poor alike, could be much improved in the process.

Yet most people displace these images of a healthy world culture and ecosystem with a set of deceptions which might well be called omnicidal psychotic myths:

  1. The quality of life depends on flagrant consumption while denying the abuse of resources and the degradation of ecological and social life. Truly, the earth can easily support the good life for all.
  2. The move toward a sustainable ecosystem would mean deprivation for the wealthy peoples of the world, and even for the Third World, rather than admitting that the earth has plenty for everyone if it is properly managed. The conversion to a higher and sustainable quality of life for everyone is technically easy, economically difficult, and politically impossible. Or, perhaps not.

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