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A Manual of Human Ecology and Culture Design


Cell phones, wonderful as they are, often become a nuisance and an embarrassment. Movies, meetings and every day life are regularly disturbed by a variety of intrusive electronic ring tones.

To alleviate this impoliteness, GREEN TONES offers a repertoire of organic human sounds, familiar and unobtrusive, easily recognized by the phone owner, but ignored by others. These tones are completely natural and organic, accurately recorded from real humans with no synthetic electronic enhancements.

By using GREEN TONES, you can easily choose an appropriate tone, perfect for your concert hall, playground, disco date, or dinner party. Out of consideration of others, take advantage of our offering of GREEN TONES.

Choose from a variety of real human sounds, many are already available. These include: coughs, sneezes, a gentle cooing or a crying baby, a beseeching tot calling for mama or papa, a gently moaning woman, a sweetly snoring man, three burps, and four farts. These latter are especially popular since they resemble familiar background sounds that are either unnoticed, repressed, or discretely ignored in the typical social atmosphere. Your smart phone can be a fart phone.

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