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A Manual of Human Ecology and Culture Design

MANAGEMENT OF SOCIETY, Increasingly invisible

Throughout human evolution and long before, we lived in social groups each with a variety of leadership patterns. These patterns varied from the consensus of the organic mode to fascistic on the abstract mode, to site just one parameter. The leader was not only the manager but the symbol of the group, and human loyalty to the group was and is a dominant human nature. The Kim dynasty in Korea exemplifies this deep human loyalty, even though the ruling elite is much more developed and complex.

The common image in the United States and elsewhere is that the government is elected and the citizens are called upon to follow and respect the leaders role. Imagine the example of F. D. Roosevelt, the last of the feudalist, ruling brilliantly with his noblesse oblige. Later, during the Bush regime, the warrior mode intensified. [OOPS, a Brief Psychohistory of Mankind]

The presidency of Mr. Obama makes it increasingly clear the titular head has increasingly less influence on the management of society. The elected government has little input into the management of the economy, distribution of income, the elaborate military program, etc.. Welfare issues such as mental and physical health, community security, and the impending ecological catastrophe are neglected

The most common political position is usually simplistic reactionary, even among progressives, who long for the good old days of yesteryear with "economic growth" and "high employment". These goals are possible, but unlikely. Because of fantastic technological development, little work needs to be done to meet the needs and desires of all humanity. Unfortunately the managerial elite, ME, can only increase jobs in the malicious military, the bloated and inefficient health care, and the vast array of social services such as police, prison, and public relations to keep the population in check.

The elaborate heritage of rules and regulation that so dominate and control behavior and conscious values has evolved to require increasingly expensive life styles. The building codes, for example, require that residences cost an order of magnitude more than modern technology can easily provide. Nuclear power and corn ethanol exemplify the common mode: the more it costs, the more money is made, therefore, the system makes everything as expensive as possible. Modern life with its transportation systems are not only wasteful and inefficient, but destructive to the human and natural ecosystem, as any commuter can affirm.

The schools, our quasi religious institutions, demand a ritualistic lifestyle for those unfortunates legally compelled to attend. Even though countless studies show the inefficiency and destructiveness, the we struggle futilely to keep this sad system going. [FAMILY, How Compulsory Age Grouping Degrades Family Life.]

Perhaps the Tea Party people are correct that we need less government, but they do not suggest the contraction of military and police, abolition of compulsory education, canceling most building codes, and the withdrawal of foreign bases - except perhaps Ron Paul, who, if he were elected, could do very little.

Poor people will increase in number, homelessness will increase as more homes are left empty and destroyed, as in Cleveland. Surely, homeless people should be allowed to build shanty towns, as the generous Brazilian elite allows. Surely people should be encourage to raise their own food on whatever land is available, such as the wasted athletic fields at most schools. Yet few suggestions are made or allowed in the controlled media. [JELLY & JAM]

The Managerial Elite, MEs, are increasingly invisible, vaguely visible even to Occupy as part of the 1%. Advancing technology enables, but does not compel this disaster. The brilliantly controlled media makes mass understanding and responsibility increasingly unlikely, in spite of the heroic efforts of Occupy.

Since the MEs are increasingly invisible, their institutions have an organic life of their own. Unfortunately, their mandate is abstract and nefarious. The corporate mandate is to maximize profits, coordinating on a global scale. The military mandate is to enable increasingly profitable access to the resources and labor of humanity. The medical mandate is to increase treatment.

Just as humans through out our evolutionary history have adapted brilliantly to the outrageous fortunes of wind, wave, war, and disease, so modern humans are obliged to adjust the maniacal but impersonal institutions that manage modern culture. We all have freedom, mostly to deny the meaning and responsibility in our lives, but also to take care of number one. Should anyone protest and suggest humanistic and ecological programs, they are allowed to do so, as long as they are ineffective and can be integrated into the mass cultural entertainment. Those who rise to the top of their institutions remain only as long as they follow the mores of their particular institution, else they are quickly replace by someone who will, even women. The situation is stable and powerfully evolving... .

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