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Due to a variety of pressures, recovering of NOTATL must be abandoned. Agents who deleted the original incompetently failed to destroy the glossary, presented below. Remaining fragments include only the GLOSSARY below and a reference to Ralph Nader's describing Judge Stephen Breyer as "abstract", on the MacNeil-Lehrer news hour, 7/11/94, and a reference to Sol *Linowitz's THE BETRAYED PROFESSION, Lawyering at the end of the 20th Century.

The State Bar of California disbanded itself, but was forced to reconstitute and maintain its Grievance Procedures. Back in 1991, when the GPs will somewhat operative, Philip *Martin disclosed fraud a provided information to help the hapless litigants. Gail *Holland expresses activist optimism in her TRANSFORMING THE LEGAL PROFESSION in the virtuous periodical, CONNECTIONS, January 1999.(n258)[ From CONNECTIONS, INSTITUTE OF NOETIC SCIENCES, 800-383-1394, www,noetic,org.]


POLE The Principle Of Legal Efficiency: The legal system operates toward the maximum transfer of wealth from the citizenry into the legal establishment. Also called BP, the Bleakhouse Principle.

FLIP First Loyalty Is to the Profession: The legal personnel owe their first loyalty to the professional brotherhood, not to the client. FLIP is very compelling, since the attorney's current efficiency and future status are at stake.

CLAN Communication among Lawyers As Needed: Close cooperation between opposing lawyers, staff, and court is crucial and highly developed to insure smooth operation of POLE.

VICE Vague Is Costly and Elaborate: The more vague and insubstantial is the complaint, the more elaborate and costly is the litigation, thus promoting POLE.

TOF Trees Over Forest: Attention is to be focussed on detail and trivia in order to distract from the issues of the case, in order to promote POLE.

POLM Priority Of the Legal Myth: The "legal myth", both in the general and in the specific case, is developed and protected by all legal personnel for the sake of FLIP and POLE.

COM Client Control (CC) through Mystification: Mystification ensures that these principles will operate with a minimum of client intervention, or awareness.

AL Anxiety Line: The power of fear is most effective in insuring client control. A repertoire of techniques is available for this purpose.

AIL Anger Instead of Law: When the law is being denied, evaded, or contravened, feign self righteous anger to mask and deflect the scam.

TLC Trust in Lawyers is Crucial: Clients who develop trust in their lawyers must strongly suppress it and politely request copies of all papers as they are processed.

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