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A scientific (objective) approach to politics is fraught with complexities and hazards. Humans have been loyal since before we were humans, and without Organic Social Life (OSL*) we would not have survived and evolved. People want to belong, to be patriotic, in spite of recent centuries of professed individualism. The `self' in an interpersonal construct and our social context is a crucial determinant of how we see ourselves and our society. [ * refers to letsprehend.com, a Manual of Human Ecology and Culture Design.]

In our intellectual heritage, we have a similar problem - contrasting rationalism* and objectivism*. The dominant rational mode prefers truth, proof, definition, logic, belief, and as much certainty as can be maintained. This rationalism is basic to our rule of law. Objectivist, the scientists, are never so sure. They don't define, they only describe as accurately and completely as possible, and are never certain, knowing full well that future world views will continually develop. The deeper mind has the same contrast. Some folks prefer clarity and definition in a contracted* verbal mode, others use more quantitative dynamic expanded* modes. Recent studies of party psychology contrasts the Republicans and Democrats in this mode.*

Political science describes the Management Of Society (MOS). As any science, a new theory needs new words, not to be defined, but to be described. MOS has an array of elaborately related institutions, complexly interrelated. Consider these few:

The Military Industrial Complex (MIC), discussed by President Eisenhower in is farewell address, is surely a major player in foreign, and domestic, policy. In a Charlie Rose interview, Kurt Vonegut mentioned that he had presented this concept to his friend Dwight.

The Global Oil Oligarchy (GOO) supports MIC, a major consumer and protector of oil. The current Libyan `war' intends to transfer the ownership and the $40 billion per year profits from the socialist government into the private sector GOO.

The FINancial Community (FINC) is increasingly global, and the recent real estate bubble crisis effects all nations. Mr. Qaddafi was wined and dined in Europe in recent years and convinced to invest billions of the people's money in credit default swaps, since evaporated.

The Global Association of Manufacturers (GAM) is a growing complex conglomerate of business groups as communication and transportation technologies supports global integration. The Agriculture Sector (AS) secured vast profits from the corn ethanol boondoggle. All the world's people, especially the poor, suffer increasing food prices as more corn is burned. Vast profits flow from the coastal drivers to the corn belt farmers, though most goes to the stock holders.

Similarly the Medical And Pharmaceutical (MAP) groups have conquered and corrupted medical and especially psychiatric services with degenerate science and corrupt protocol, causing suffering and permanent damage to the population while reaping huge profits.

The Security Services (SS) operate in every nation and are increasingly global. Huge investments in population management beginning in the 60s expanded domestic police powers. The advancing technologies, boosted further by Homeland Security, easily keep track of every citizen and interloper, who they are, what they do, how they think, and who they associate with. The huge NSA (No Such Agency) surveys every communication with brilliant software to interpret and interrelate all communications. Burdened with their demand for secrecy, SS struggles to integrated the numerous complex intelligence networks, international, federal, local, business, etc. to cooperate, "If you show me yours, I'll show you mine." Wikileaks pricked some of their balloons, but cannot dissuade their continuing evolution.

The POpular Governments (POG), those commonly imagined to manage MOS, are more or less visible in common media. For example, in the U. S., the elected government does not manage foreign policy, has abandoned control of the economy, cannot address climate change, health care, education, - while all systems decay. The beloved President is a spokesperson for MOS, and the Congress busily distributes the money, dependant as they are on campaign finance by GAM. The elaborate LObby System does not simply represent GAM, MIC, etc., but also solicits and guides these institutions. Yet nothing is heard about electing lobbyists. The function of MOdern Democracy (MOD) is the elaboration of entertaining mass media, the denial of responsibility for MOS, the promotion of the MOD to further blinding the people from MOS.

Oxford Historian T. G. Ash recently quipped, "Between Europe and America now is a kind of competitive decadence." [Charlie Rose 6/30/2011] Egypt was an example of more conscious government. Hosni Mubarak was in control. But now, Egypt and others of the Arab Spring evolve toward the common mode of Invisible Global Governance (IGG).

China and Russia are somewhat more transparent. The CCP is still in charge, in spite of tenuous control of the exploding economy and the sub institutions vieing for more independence. U. S. policy nominally supports "Democracy" so that POGs evolve toward IGGs. Vladimir Putin almost allowed Russia to be controlled by local GOOs, as our is, but put their leader (?) in jail instead.

The sorry state of humanity and its supporting ecosystem is commonly attributed to human greed. Not so simple. The people who rise to top management of their great institutions must Internalize the Corporate Ethic (ICE*). If they should waver or slip they are easily replaced by others striving at the ready. Human nature is occasionally greedy, but is extremely flexible and versatile. Humans adjust to their circumstances, that's what our great brains are for. Should these greedy people move to a contrasting organization, from CEO to Doctors Without Borders for example, their mode would quickly change. Consider them not as greedy people, but as Corporate Robots (CRs*), though they may become more human on their own time.

The corporate ethic (CE*) that dominates humanity's management contrasts with the human ethic (HE*). Corporate law clearly requires its participants to maximize their profits. If they fail to keep their eye on the ball, the stockholders can sue them - one vote per share. The brilliant image manipulators of their public relations departments are brilliant at directing the common image of the corporations, institutions, brands, and personalities.

Exception to this complex dynamic is the rise of the billionaire's club, donating vast wealth to benefit humankind. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, George Solos, and the Sultan of Brunai come to mind, in case you have not been approached yet. This aristocratic noblesse oblige is an example of the classic political dynamic: socialism > capitalism > feudalism. The future lies ahead*.

Meanwhile, population continues to expand as women are denied access to fertility control. The global climate continues to degrade, yet nothing can be done to stop the burning of coal. Global humanity and the supporting ecosystem is going to hell and nothing is being done, no responsibility is taken. An undercurrent of hopelessness and despair degrades the human spirit.

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