Let's Prehend
A Manual of Human Ecology and Culture Design

PREHEND, Essential Process of Reality

The title, "Let's Prehend" is first read as let's pretend, as it might well be. Let's pretend the world is built as explained in this book. Let's imagine a new way of looking at things, with high hopes that this fresh look, this new theory of reality, might be helpful in understanding what's going on in the world, what's wrong, and how to fix it. Just as the scientist pretends a theory to explain what's going on then tries it out to see if it works, so we shall pretend a new theory, then try it out to explain the problems of humankind, then use the new method to suggest and design remedies.

The word `prehend' from it's roots means to grasp, reach for, interact with. The task of this book is to reach out and grasp the whole of reality and the human condition, then hang on to it to apply the theory to just about everything. This is a classic philosophical approach: make a theory and apply it. It's also a classic scientific approach, but as in most philosophy the scope is much broader than scientific rigor can reach.

Most philosophy get's hung up on words and meanings, but we all know that reality is not made of words, it's made of relationships. Relationships are quantitative things, like so much of the imagery the scientists work with. Diagrams, charts and numbers are used to describe relationships, a very different approach from terms and definitions. Charts also help to avoid the pitfalls of verbal definition as words are used more to describe reality as visualized on the chart rather than to quibble about meaning. Unfortunately most people have an easier time with the verbal rationalist approach, while others, perhaps with a more visual frame of mind can see things as relationships and quantities. Fortunately all people are versatile more or less, fortunately different enough to dance a lively argument.

Prehend is like comprehend, but more general. Comprehend often means to define and make perfectly clear in the verbal rational sense. Prehend connotes a less verbal, perhaps more intuitive approach, while at the same time a more spacial and quantitative imagery.

The term `prehend' was used by philosopher Alfred North Whitehead in books "Science in the Modern World" and "Process and Reality" to refer to the basic relationship between all things, the process that holds reality together, (presumably after the conscious mind has fragmented it.)Finally, Let's Pretend was the title of a charming children's fairy tale series on radio during the 1930's, as everyone not suffering a deprivation of years is sure to remember.)

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