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REACTIONARY, our dominant stance ?

Those of the reactionary persuasion long for the good old days. In times of yore, folks knew who was in charge, who had the mandate of heaven. But these days, it's not so clear. In these times of trouble and insecurity, people sometimes wonder what might be done, but seem unable to attend to such concerns.

Common parlance in media and conversation looks toward the return to the prosperity of yesteryear: plenty of good jobs, steady prices, cheap gas, rising home values. The more advanced citizens look forward to continuing food and drug quality, toxic air and water monitoring and alleviation, safe and progressive schools and neighborhoods, honest and communicative politicians and administrators. These are all reactionary positions. Not just conservatives, democrats and liberals, but even progressives think of little beyond these images of the past. Folks commonly long for the boom days of 2007 with rising home prices and easy credit, or the Clinton administration's briefly balanced budget, the Nixon EPA clean up of air and water and the occasional restoration of toxic sites, the beloved Reagan's economic boost, the end of the Cold war and a brief hope for peace, Kissinger's opening relations with China and ending the draft, Carter's good spirited clean up, Eisenhower's highways, Roosevelt leading US to our last victory.

But time goes only one way, from the present to the future. It is unlikely that jobs will increase because of several factors. It is unlikely that the deficit will be reduced - that global military dominance will recede - that housing prices will ever return to bubble levels - that the poverty sectors will recover - that the schools will improve - that public services will return - that health care will be universal. It seems impossible that humankind's most pressing demand - the drastic reduction in the burning of coal - can be of serious concern by the powers that be, the Global Oligarchy (GO).

Economic growth, this most pervasive goal, portends the degradation of our supporting ecosystem and the decline of human civilization, such as it is. If only human values replaced corporate values, the quality of human life would increase, the despoiling of the ecosystem would cease, and the so-called economy would decrease. [*LIBERTYVILLE, HOMES, etc.]

It seems unlikely that the elected government, no matter who is elected, can have much to say in directing, guiding or controlling the administration of this nation, or others.

Yet mass media and common persuasion clings to these reactionary positions, avoids more objective description, and ignores the imperative tasks of developing images of the future. Little attention is paid to what is actually happening, what is likely to happen and what might be done.

Most citizens attend to their contracting personal and social lives with little attention to politics. Those who vote continue the charade of party politics, but deep down realize our so called political process is and elaborate entertainment that has little impact on the GOs who manage society. A few brave citizens hope that campaign reform and similar improvements are needed, but most realize that also is extremely unlikely.

We are living in an evolving police and military system on our national and global scale. The global power elite, enabled by evolving technology, gradually increases its efficiency and effectiveness. History shows a series of empires from ancient times of Rome and the Huns through the British Empire and Hitler to the present. This GO Empire exceeds the fondest dreams of Hitler and all the others. Few areas on Earth lack the presents of the GO with its hundreds of military bases, with elaborate and thorough monitoring and control of every aspect of human Life on Earth.

The appropriate tasks of humanity are poorly attended or conceived. For example, the bounty of the earth and modern technology offers a secure and sustainable life and an enriching culture to all people. But little thought is give to the topic. The masses, especially the poorer half or more of humankind, are managed and controlled with little prospect of approaching *THE GOOD LIFE. Human kind seems mired in mindlessness. Surely we can do better, at least give it some thought.

* letsprehend.com, a Manual of Human Ecology and Culture Design

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