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WORLD'S PEOPLE, Already Healing

Examples of the healing of Our World Economy, OWE, are everywhere. Let's consider a few.

Half century ago, the socialist Baht party of Sadam Husein nationalized the U. S. and British petroleum investments in Iraq. But after over a decade of war, it seems unlikely that this bounty will be returned. We might conclude that the vast expense of time, money, human welfare, and ecological damage has been wasted.

Historically, recent centuries of foreign investments have been extremely profitable, and well secured by our increasing `defense' efforts, defending the American way of life. Our Cuba policy exemplifies one failure. Fidel Castro purchased U. S. investments in Cuba for the Batista regime's tax assessments. With the security of a few nukes hidden in the hills, has been able to survive and flourish with a surprisingly sustainable culture.

`Imperialism' seems to have ended after WWII. The great powers turned over management to puppet governments, but ownership and profits continued and increased. Continuous wars in the `developing world' have continued ever since, but are being gradually `lost', as are our investments. [World Watch Institute, RESOURCE WARS]

Recently China has been developing productive facilities overseas. For example, the recent contract with Kabila promises to exchange cobalt and other wealth not only for the infrastructure to bring it out, but also for over a hundred health centers, many hospitals, even several universities. Thus the Congo can advance from it's centuries of supporting Europe and America into a new economy and society. The Chinese and Kabila management attempts to go over the heads of the stagnant and corrupt local government. Lately the U. S. supported and guided Tutsi army threatens to overthrow Kabila's government, or at least the crucial eastern Congo. This is the Tutsi army, that from its base in our ally Uganda, had previously reconquered Rwanda after the slaughter. Recall that the British and American's moved the `superior' Tutsis from eastern Africa over a century ago. Recall also that the France and Belgian interests incited the Hutu genocide, trading arms for coffee. These proxy wars in Africa have been going on for centuries, but soon they will be less feasible and will eventually cease entirely - for various reasons you might consider.

Generally, `our' vast military and `intelligence' institutions are increasingly ill suited to preserve our foreign investments. Latin America is rife with rebellion, each government proceeding in its own manner, cautiously coordinating with the others. Even our plantations in governmentless Somalia - that produce as much food as the UN and others donate to the wretched starving population - are rife for Islamic socialization by `the rebels'.[Paul Salopek]

Freedom and Democracy will no longer mean being open for foreign exploitation and puppet management. The crisis further weakens OWE to the great benefit of these poor peoples. We, citizens and government, owe the world's people an apology and compensation for the horrendous agony we have caused and supported. That may be too much to expect, but perhaps the Obama administration can cut back a bit.

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